LED lighting bar

MBAR RGB/2 is a lighting bar composed of 252 high intensity LED divide among the three primary colours (84R + 84G + 84B). The bar is set on a tipper bracket which allows to change the projection angle of the device. It is perfect to create decorative effects such as "wall washer"in pubs, meeting rooms, etc.

There are available several working modes: DMX (with 14 control channels), Program, Auto, Audio and Master/Slave.

DMX mode allows to control the individual activation of the three primary colours in the bar or just in one of the three groups that MBAR RGB can be divided in. The great deal of LEDs offers an homogeneous colour mixture.

LED lighting bar.
252 RGB LEDs each colour (84R + 84G + 84B)
30° disperssion.
3 working modes (DMX, Manual and Audio).
DMX channels: 1, 3, 8, 12 and 14 channels.
6 preset programs.
Selection through buttons and display.
Tipper bracket fixation system.
Dimensions: 1000 x 65 x 90 mm.
Weight: 6,5 kg.