Amplified background music system

MARK presents MWP 1, A full amplified background music system compound of 1 wall amplifier, 2 ceiling speakers and remote control. This system is very suitable for offices and lounges, as its installation is quick and completely independent.

The wall amplifier (Class D) has an output of 2 x 5 W (8 ohm) and offers a choice of input sources: USB device for MP3 files (USB input available at the bottom of the box), FM tuner or Bluetooth connection. Its LCD screen displays complete information, including the ID tag and track time. The buttons allow you to navigate between tracks, select the radio and adjust the volume. It is integrated into a box to be fixed to the wall.

Amplified background music system.
Easy installation, totally independent.
Multiple input sources: USB (MP3 playback), FM tuner and Bluetooth connection.
LCD screen to display track information.
Box for build in purpose or surface (included).
Remote control included.
Rated Power: 2 x 5 W 8 ohm.
Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz.
THD: 0.03%.
Effective distance of remote control:

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